Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our Airline and MRO customers. Working in partnership with clients to deliver support in the required areas, delivering products to a high standard and significantly reducing cost with an efficient turnaround.

Our customer service affords customised levels of information and involvement in the repair process by the clients.

We are always interested in discussing new prospects with potential customers and opportunities to partner, to deliver a service that meets expectations.

EASA 145 Component Repair

Tenencia Aerospace Design offers component maintenance repairs for metal and composite components within the categories detailed herein.
EASA approved MOE provides the company with the function to extend capabilities within approved categories.
With specialist staff Tenencia has the capability to undertake a wide scope of work for aircraft MROs and operators.

C1 Aircon – Press

Metal and composite repairs to ducts and other components.

C4 Doors—Hatches

Tenencia provides repair capability for multiple aircraft types, including; Passenger, cargo and undercarriage doors; and fuselage access hatches.

C6 Equipment

Repairs to Seat Assy’s, interior equipment including cargo floor restraints and Lock Assy’s.

C7 Engines-APU

Cowling composite repairs carried out with in-house expertise.

C8 Flight Controls

Composite and metal repairs to Ailerons, Elevators, Rudders, Stabilisers, Spring and Trim Tabs.

C14 Landing Gear

U/C components, doors and other structural components.

C16 Propellers

Tenencia provides spinners and various component metal & composite repairs.

C18 Protection Ice/Rain/Fire

Leading edge de-ice boot replacement; complimented by Leading Edge repairs undertaken as part of the C20 approvals.

C20 Structural Parts

Wing, Nacelle and Fuselage structural component repairs carried out with in-house expertise to undertake composite and metal work.

A downloadable version of our Maintenance flyer is available here