Rockwell Collins

Tenencia is proud to be an approved Rockwell Collins Installation / Modification Agency.

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for their customers in aerospace and defence. Their expertise in flight-deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, information management and simulation and training is strengthened by their global service and support network spanning 150 countries.

Their aviation electronics systems and products are installed in the flight decks of nearly every air transport aircraft in the world.

Selected products are showcased below, with brochures available for download. Please contact us for any further information regarding these products, or others from Rockwell Collins.


 TCAS II and Change 7.1

Providing total situational awareness of impending traffic conflicts.

Upgrade now and be prepared for the European Airspace mandate TCAS Change 7.1 for aircraft retrofits in December 2015. TCAS change 7.1 includes safety enhancements that reduce traffic conflicts and modify avoidance manoeuvres. Rockwell Collins has perfect solutions to assist customers with increased traffic awareness. Their systems provide the enhanced situational awareness and mandate compliance required for operation in the increasingly dense air traffic environment.

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ADS-B and TDRrMode S Transponder

Maintaining airspace compliance is important for aging fleets. Don’t be caught off guard and looking for a solution when it comes time to fly.

Be prepared to meet the new Mode S Surveillance and ADS-B Out functionality required for future operation throughout the world, including Canada, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, and the United States.

As a part of the long-range plan to improve airspace capacity, safety and efficiency, regulatory authorities have mandated the carriage and operation of Mode S transponders with Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance functionality and will soon mandate the use of ADS-B Out DO-260B.

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HF 9000 Retrofit

A cost effective solution to provide aircraft with worldwide communication capabilities.

The leader in HF communications for five decades has developed one of the most modern and lightweight airborne systems available today. The HF-9000 High- Frequency Communications System offers unprecedented capability and reliability, combined with unequalled ease of operation for the aviation HF communications user.

The HF-9000 system consists of a compact control unit, receiver/transmitter and an automatic antenna coupler. The HF-9000 system is designed for use in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Operating throughout the standard HF radio spectrum, the HF 9000 system provides communications capability anywhere in the world.

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Airshow 4000

Stay informed, entertained and in touch, from takeoff to touch down

Bringing an unprecedented variety of features and unparalleled customization options, Airshow ®4000 takes moving-map technology to a new level. Its wide-ranging capabilities are delivered with crisp, vibrant graphics to make it your own personalized map and a true pleasure to watch. Add to that its high reliability record and compatibility with any aircraft’s cabin management system and it’s no wonder Airshow 4000 is the aviation industry’s most popular 3D moving-map system.

Airshow 4000 offers capabilities to deliver an array of features including 3D Blue Marble maps, interesting displays of up-to-the moment flight information and IP-based connectivity over high-speed satellite systems to keep you in touch with the latest news, sports and weather information.

The Airshow app for Mobile Devices can be enabled on the Airshow 4000, allowing every passenger to create their own unique moving map experience on their iPad or Android tablet app.

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SwiftBroadBand Updates

High-speed data service for the Rockwell Collins SAT-906, SAT-6000 and SAT-6100 offer single and dual bi-directional data rate up to 432 Kbps in spot-beam coverage areas.

Your Rockwell Collins SAT-906, SAT-6000 and SAT-6100 provide Aero-H and Aero-H+ communication capability which is ideal for long-range business aircraft requiring continuous, global, high-capacity and high-speed voice/data service. Now with the Rockwell Collins High-Speed Transceiver (HST-2110B) and your SAT-906, SAT-6000 or SAT-6100 you can take advantage of Inmarsat’s Broadband Service.

The higher rates provide the ability to access e-mail and internet services in the aircraft while maintaining voice/fax channels. The passively-cooled, 2 MCU enclosure of the HST-2110B saves space, weight and power in comparison with competitive solutions.

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Venue™ High Definition Retrofit Cabin Management System

Venue™, the industry’s leading high definition cabin management system

When the time comes to consider a new cabin or a cabin upgrade, you want your investment to reward you with exceptional comfort, efficiency and enjoyment. Step up to Venue, the proven and award winning cabin management system. Bring business productivity, entertainment, connectivity and, ultimately, your aircraft’s value into high definition.

Pristine video and audio quality, individual command from each cabin seat. Wireless and wired options. Elegant, intuitive controls. All this and more in a solution that is scalable to the individual needs of your aircraft and backed by our total commitment to your satisfaction. No matter what size your aircraft, there’s a Venue for you.

Highlights include:

  •  Proven high definition system with exceptional reliability
  • Touch-screen displays and programmable switch panels to control cabin features and entertainment content
  • Audio and Video On-Demand (AVOD) to allow content to be loaded and viewed individually or simultaneously on multiple displays or wirelessly on your personal Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) tablet
  • Interactive Airshow® moving map in each in-seat display with the ability to enjoy your own Airshow app on your iPad® or Android Tablet
  • Seamless integration to Skybox™ and key third party solutions

Click here to view the Venue™ HD Retrofit CMS brochure

Tailwind® 500 Multi-Regional TV System and Upgrade Solutions

Multi-regional satellite television for business aircraft

Travelling throughout the world’s regions only to land and find out you missed important news? Rockwell Collins offers a system which provides multiregional Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) television; ideal for medium- to long-range business aircraft requiring television coverage in one or more regions throughout the world. The Rockwell Collins Tailwind 500® system features a tail-mounted antenna (TMU) that provides high-quality performance on the ground and in the air.

The Tailwind 500 system provides DBS television coverage in the contiguous United States, Europe, Middle East, India, Western Russia and Eastern China. Additional regions will be added as future demand requires. Owners and passengers can receive live TV on up to 32 independent receiver channels with true multiregional coverage and programming.

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