Wireless IFE Airbus A320

  • Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi
  • Ancillary Revenue Generation
  • Lightweight with short installation time
  • Fully approved and in operational service
  • Turn-Key solution
  • (Content, Advertising, Equipment and EASA STC)

The Modification

The wireless IFE system installed under this major change to type design comprises the

following components:

A. Flight IFE Server – The IFE Server is the head end component of the IFE system used to store and distribute audio-visual content via a wired Ethernet network, communicate with ground cellular networks and interface with various existing aircraft systems.

B. Wireless Access Point (WAP) – The WAP receives content from the server via a wired Ethernet network and wirelessly transmits this content to passenger PEDs over an IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ WLAN.

C. GSM Antenna – Transmits system data from the IFE server over the GSM terrestrial network.

D. Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch – An integrally lighted switch panel is installed in the flight deck. A WIFI ON/OFF illuminated pushbutton switch is mounted on this panel.

Click here for a downloadable version of our Airbus A320 Wireless IFE flyer